Layout  (Typesetting & Graphics)

›  Layout in all languages

We perform layout for books, brochures, magazines and catalogs... and anything else you wish to produce, in print or digital, in any language of your choice.

›  Complex layout / Combining Hebrew and Latin-languages

We're equipped with advanced software for multi-frame synchronization and integration of notes and graphic elements; and with a large font library, enabling a perfect match between texts in different languages.

›  NIKUD & cantillation (Trop), tables & formulas, and special characters

We master technical and biblical layouts, demanding knowledge and experience in table- and formula-creation and the use of special characters; and the ability to typeset Hebrew texts with NIKUD and cantillation.

›  Urgent work

In urgent cases, We can provide complete book-layout in 24 hours.

Additional Services

›  Font preparation

›  Programming NIKUD and cantillation (for existing fonts)

We specialize in complex layout !