Preparing a book for print is an art that requires patience, precision and attention to details.

...I've worked with Arieh Marzel on a complicated book that contained hundreds of pages with texts in a number of languages and dozens of maps, pictures and illustrations.

We're talking about a professional of the highest grade, precise, fast and incredibly efficient. The product he made was good looking, high quality and in line with the publisher's demands. Just as important, the tiresome phases of editing rounds with the publisher were done with patience and with a smile.

For those facing the challenge of book production – I highly recommend Marzel.”

— Dr. Uzi Leibner
The institute of Archeology
The Hebrew university of Jerusalem

Special offer for writers

•  Written a book? — Congratulations!
•  Found a publisher? — Congratulations once more!

When you receive a price offer from the publisher (or printing house) find out the cost of layout separately (how much will you save by bringing the material laid out in advance?).

You can get a better offer from us, which will save you a portion of the cost and improve the book.

We have a special place in our hearts, for new writers — Use it!

Special offer for academics

•  Finished writing your research or book
   and you're looking for an academic publisher,
   in Israel or abroad?

Academic publishers allow you to send the material fully formated (typesetted), and save the layout costs.

We have experience working with academic publishers in Israel and abroad:
–  We'll make sure the book fits the publisher's demands;
–  We'll take care of transferring the proofs to, and from, the publisher;
–  We'll manage the editing-rounds between you and the publisher;
–  And we'll deliver the final layout to the publisher's printing house, in the form they require.

Working with us will give you support; save you money; and allow you better control over the shape the book takes, and close supervision over the entire process of editing and layout.